Friday, October 9, 2009

Worst service that i ever faced(service, support, people)-p1

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OKay fine, i don't really so mean that i complain on small things. But this is toooo much.

I bought the broadband or signed up the contract on Sept (i think) and i can't really fully use it. I tried to connect but failed, i put there for the whole day, it couldn't connect as well. Alright, i have to use others network to get myself online(it is also what i m doing now).

I called the service provider company, and lodged a problem request there. So, he filed my case and he explain that i m not in the network coverage, or i m almost outside the coverage so i won't get a stable signal. He said i can return my broadband without the penalty fees but i still have to pay my unbilled amount, alright. So i went to p1 building on last Sun. They guy entertaint me called Krishna, he said i m in the coverage(i must clarify that i m nearly touching outside the coverage box that shown in his screen) so i cannot return it. IF i want to do so, i need to pay for 200++, i forgot how much. He then said, he will lodge a problem there and technician will solve my problem within 3days. So i guess should be okay for me. I went back home. A lady called me on Tues, she called me MR Teh Hui Wen, fine. She talk to me in a very not professional way can't remember her name, Rakiah or summat. I said i will be free on Wed 12.30pm, please send a technician to me, and she got my address. Done.

The next day, i went back home during lunch time with one of my colleague, before i went back i called to their hotline. The operator ask me to press 1 for .... press 2 for... press 3... and keep continue the same thing even after i pressed. I think since i made an appointment in the previous day, i can go back home to wait. I waited until 1pm, and i called to the receptionist, he is RUDE, damn RUDE. He said, he can't transfer the line to the technical support, ask me to call myself. He is talking very loud to me. Never mind, i called to technical support myself, at last i successfully pass the pressing game. So i talk to Merkat, he said my request is still pending, i said what pending? i Already made an appointment yesterday, he replied let me talk to my supervisor, kept saying this. At last i asked him, are you saying your technician is not coming by today? He said let me ask my supervisor i will make sure he call you by today. FINE!!!

I went back and waited for whole day, nobody call. The next day which is Thurs, the lady called me back and still call me Mr(my voice is deep) i corrected her, is Miss, she still said ok Mr. Teh. Alright alright, i m not going to argue this with her. She said no technician for me until next month and all the people in my area facing same problem. If i want to get connected is based on my luck. My gosh, i was so angry. But she said no need to pay for Oct. But still have to make the payment then don't know what she is talking. Finally i hang up and end of disappointed heart. I wanna give it a try, I think since the service is not good, why told us we are in the coverage just for the sack of earning?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Niah Cave, Miri, Sarawak

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Niah cave is a place that have a lot of swiftlet and bats. This is also where they collected the Niah Bird's nest from. This is a different trip to me, it is because we need to get into a dark cave which is quite stinky and tiring. We walked for a long time before we get into Niah cave. Along the jungle path, we enjoy the fresh air. You will see the beauty of nature there. It is really nice before we went into the great cave. lol.

ok, pictures time. Enjoy...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a long time.

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Quite a long time did not update my blog. I just started my part time MBA in UKM. So far so good. So my concern now are more on studies and working. :) Study and working at the same time is quite challenging for me. oh ya, i just came back from my pre mba course, this course is to introduce us what is the financial statement and basic accounting. It is held on weekend from 9am-5pm, provide us food. Keep on eating the whole day(government uni :p ).

okay, after my course today, i went to Sunway, and went into Giant before my dinner. After that, i saw Campbell soup is only selling at Rm2.19, which is cheaper than usual price. So i took 2cans. When i proceed to counter, the price shown Rm3.19. WTH?!? Then i asked the Cashier after i double checked the price. She said i did not have coupon so i can't get the discount. I am not happy at the moment. So i went to Giant information counter to ask, why the information misleading consumer? The lady told me the cashier should deduct the price for us. But she did not. After that she went to find the cashier, and the cashier angry over me said i did not tell her early, so what man? i told her when i found the price is not right on the spot. But after that i got back my 2rm. It is not about money the problem is they shud not let us get those grocery that stated cheaper but actually is still the same price at counter. We have our consumer rights, okay?

Friday, May 15, 2009

~~Everyone loves tender woman~~

Posted by Eunieece

I think most of you all read this book b4. It is really a good book for us(women) to read. This book is all about how to communicate with your love one. :) Anyway i just wanna share a chapter here. Now, please do this quiz with me 1st. This quiz is to test are you gifted with a good life in love?
Here it is:
Imagine that you are on the street and saw a man walking his chihuahua, suddenly here came another big dog barking at the chihuahua. What will happen next?

A) the man quickly carry his chihuahua and kick the dog.
B) the man drag the chihuahua away from the big dog.
C) chihuahua ran towards the big dog.
D) the big dog jump on the man and chihuahua ran away.
E) nothing happen.

A) you got *****
Congrates!! you grown up in love. You always loved by others and you used to take k by others. When you are in a relationship, you always play your role as your man lady making your love one want to protect / take k of you, you are born to be loved. BUT!! Sometimes you tend to rely on others too much.

B) you got
Others take you as a girl that can take care of herself well. In love, you will give more than your spouse, sometimes your man would forget that you are a girl(you need love too). You will take good care of others whenever/wherever you are. on the others hand your spouse will feel neglected.

C) you got *
I am sorry, but you got a very tough & independent characteristic you makes man feel bad. He can't find a way to love you. You are too capability and too strong, your spouse failed to love you. There are only army/navy able to take care of you.

you got ****
You are tough too but you are sexy as well. You have your own personality that few man can refuse to love you. Most of the guys willing to do anything for you and you love being a princess. BUT you do not how to appreciate those guys.

you got **
You live in your own world. You are unreachable. No man can go into your world. They will tried to understand you but at the end they chose to let go you.

Okay, now share my understanding from the book with you.
The author brings the story by his friend experience.
He stated that, the girl always listen to her bf and never argue with him but her bf betray her. She said that men are animal, they always flirt around. The author agreed that men are all animal but as long as you know the right way to make him happy he will always follow you and be your pet. The author's friend claimed that when her bf order seafood, she won't order another kind of food. From this, she seems like a good gf. But after the author observation, she actually is not an understanding gf. She is just like a robot that received input from her bf, and execute it. Guy do not really need a robot to be his gf. So, we have to know when to speak and when to be quiet not all the way listen to bf. Actually, man, they have a kid live inside tho they like to control. They do hope that we(women) can take care of them when they are weak. Sometimes we tend to teach our bf what to do when they faced problem. We should pat them or sit beside or maybe hug them when they are weak, not mumbling. Girls do not really need to be very pretty, but must be understanding and caring. I am writing this not saying women should lower themselves, is just that i wanted all my friends to have a good relationship with their spouse. I think women born to be lovable, just do a little changes, make a big step forward. For man, please do appreciate what we done for you. Relationship is all about "us". 1+1= everything. 2-1= nothing.
Love with peace,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers' day

Posted by Eunieece

Happy Mothers' day to my mother and yours. :)
Would like to share bit of my mom here:
Back to my childhood memories( before 13yrs old). She is actually quite fierce. She don't allow me to go out to play in playground till late evening. She love scolding me. Due to that, I do not like to let her know when I get injured. Cos I am sure she will scold me if i get hurt. But she is always there when I get involved in any activities especially my sport competitions. She always came to support me even when she is working. Then I knew that, whatever she did is just her way in showing her love to me. There are still a lot more about my childhood with her but I am not gonna tell it all here cos it will be pages then.
Now, we are all grown up and we all went out for studies or work. We have less time to accompany our parent. I just came back to my home last Fri and is going back to work place tomorrow. Yeah, came back for Mothers' day. Is just a short period gathering with them. Mum will be very busy when we all came back to home. She will cook our favorite dishes( she had 5 children, each with diff. tastes) for us and stand for the whole day in kitchen. She is sleeping now after a tiring day. She is not scolding anymore. I think she is getting old but I have less time to accompany her.
I guess every mother out there are the same as my mother. The love showered by our mother is so grand that we do not know how to return to them. She sacrifice herself for us and yet we still having argument with her? She is trying to talk to us but are we not taking it for granted? She is trying to please us but why are we hard to please her back? We go back to her when we face problem. She is always there when we need her. She weather the storm with us. I truly appreciate that. She did the best for us but not herself. I wanna accompany her more, the best thing I can do is breakfast with her in the morning and share her problem like a friend.
What can we do better now? I think our mother needs our care, care, care and care. We can say I love you to our spouse, so I think we should practice it on our parents too. Showing how much we love them and care for them as much as we can now. Is our turn to take care of them. I know we can do it better. I love you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Choice, to make a decision.

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If you were given 2choices, you can either choose one. what will you choose? Family vacation or career?

My dilemma was I just got a job in a big corporate which i wanted so much(unemployed currently), and i got a trip that i cannot be missed at the same time which is planned from beginning of the year to Europe. I wish I can take both, career is important to me but letting my loved one down is not a good feeling tho. we had planned so much for the trip where should we stay, how do we going to celebrate? what r we looking in our life? we want to be happy and of course making our love one happy too. If i let go the chance for my career, what would happen next? my future manager told me that i cannot take leave for the beginning of the month.

i wish i can get myself an answer asap.