Friday, October 9, 2009

Worst service that i ever faced(service, support, people)-p1

Posted by Eunieece

OKay fine, i don't really so mean that i complain on small things. But this is toooo much.

I bought the broadband or signed up the contract on Sept (i think) and i can't really fully use it. I tried to connect but failed, i put there for the whole day, it couldn't connect as well. Alright, i have to use others network to get myself online(it is also what i m doing now).

I called the service provider company, and lodged a problem request there. So, he filed my case and he explain that i m not in the network coverage, or i m almost outside the coverage so i won't get a stable signal. He said i can return my broadband without the penalty fees but i still have to pay my unbilled amount, alright. So i went to p1 building on last Sun. They guy entertaint me called Krishna, he said i m in the coverage(i must clarify that i m nearly touching outside the coverage box that shown in his screen) so i cannot return it. IF i want to do so, i need to pay for 200++, i forgot how much. He then said, he will lodge a problem there and technician will solve my problem within 3days. So i guess should be okay for me. I went back home. A lady called me on Tues, she called me MR Teh Hui Wen, fine. She talk to me in a very not professional way can't remember her name, Rakiah or summat. I said i will be free on Wed 12.30pm, please send a technician to me, and she got my address. Done.

The next day, i went back home during lunch time with one of my colleague, before i went back i called to their hotline. The operator ask me to press 1 for .... press 2 for... press 3... and keep continue the same thing even after i pressed. I think since i made an appointment in the previous day, i can go back home to wait. I waited until 1pm, and i called to the receptionist, he is RUDE, damn RUDE. He said, he can't transfer the line to the technical support, ask me to call myself. He is talking very loud to me. Never mind, i called to technical support myself, at last i successfully pass the pressing game. So i talk to Merkat, he said my request is still pending, i said what pending? i Already made an appointment yesterday, he replied let me talk to my supervisor, kept saying this. At last i asked him, are you saying your technician is not coming by today? He said let me ask my supervisor i will make sure he call you by today. FINE!!!

I went back and waited for whole day, nobody call. The next day which is Thurs, the lady called me back and still call me Mr(my voice is deep) i corrected her, is Miss, she still said ok Mr. Teh. Alright alright, i m not going to argue this with her. She said no technician for me until next month and all the people in my area facing same problem. If i want to get connected is based on my luck. My gosh, i was so angry. But she said no need to pay for Oct. But still have to make the payment then don't know what she is talking. Finally i hang up and end of disappointed heart. I wanna give it a try, I think since the service is not good, why told us we are in the coverage just for the sack of earning?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

that is very unlucky, sorry to hear your story

since you have done quite a bit to sort out the matter, maybe just keep pushing and finger-crossed, they will get it done soon :)

or just give up but...that will mean all the effort, the anger, the waiting would be wasted :P

in any case, wish you all the best and Good Luck!

P.S. life is not always that bad, good things usually comes after all the bad luck stuff, cheer up :D

Eunieece said...

haha, i m not so angry over them, but i want people out there to know how bad is their service. Haha, Thanks for the P.S

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